Not just seeking a Job but a Career

Full Name: Ashlee Wheeler
Phone Number: 501-827-1223
Address: 2895 West Country Club RD.
City: Searcy
State: AR
Zip Code: 72143
Work Experience:

The Most recent Job I was empoyed by was Orr Auto Sales. August 2011. I put in my two weeks to go to college.

What I did there consisted of:

*Selling cars

*Working with people everyday

*Handling paper work



Work Experience:

I also worked at Arby's

what my daily duties were,



*working with people

*handling money 


Work Experience:

I worked at S&B through staff Mark. Which is a factory that makes and packages pop-tarts and granola bars.

what I did there consisted of


*working a moving line

*Packaging pop-tarts

I never offically stopped working I go In when they call me. I do not get enough hours there.


I recieved my GED from Beebe High School.

I began college at Remington in Little Rock, I did not finish out school because I decided that I did not want to me in that enviorment for the rest of my life. Although, I did enjoy what I was learning daily.

Special Skills: I am a great people person. I am very good at math. I can also type very well. I have a Bright personality.
Reference 1 Name: Christine Walker
Reference 1 Phone Number: 501-281-2542
Reference 1 Relationship: Family Friend
Reference 2 Name: Paul Parker
Reference 2 Phone Number: 501-281-5668
Reference 2 Relationship: Family Friend
Career Objectives: I want to find something that I am Great at. Where I can be around people, and help them in every way I can. I do not just want a job I would like to find something I can make a carreer out of. If I find something I really like doing, I feel like I will never work a day in my life. I want to make a difference to others around me. Also, I would love to be successful.