Clerk/Treasurer Office

The mission of the Clerk/Treasurer’s office is to offer quality, progressive and cooperative services to the citizens and employees of the City of Searcy by applying sound financial practices and directing the City's financial resources toward meeting its long-term goals.

The City Clerk/Treasurer is an elected position with a four-year term. The Clerk’s responsibilities include maintaining the official records and public documents of the City of Searcy. These documents include resolutions, minutes, ordinances, and deeds to the properties that the city owns. The clerk’s office provides staff support for the City Council agenda process and records the proceedings of City Council meetings; publishes City ordinances; prepares for City Elections; administers oaths of office; files financial interest disclosures; maintains inventory list for the city of all capital equipment, land and buildings. The clerk’s office also provides administrative leadership, direction, and support to the Mayor, City Council, city departments, and the public.

The Treasurer’s role is to organize, direct and control the accounting, payroll, accounts payable and receivable services for the city. The treasurer provides all financial reporting, including monthly and annual financial statements. Financial recordkeeping and documentation of grants are maintained by the treasurer as well as the city’s budget. The treasurer is responsible for seeing that all employee’s insurance and retirement benefits are maintained and that records of such are kept for safekeeping. The treasurer is annually audited by the State and also audited on federal grants that exceed $500,000 by an independent auditor. The treasurer maintains a system of accounting that complies with applicable accounting standards and fully discloses the City's financial position.

The Clerk/Treasurer’s office is comprised of Clerk Jerry Morris, payroll clerk Kim Gordon, accounts payable clerk Holly Money, accounts receivable clerk/receptionist Meg Armentrout and deputy clerk Beverly Simpson.

We continually seek to improve our services for all who use them--from the citizens of Searcy to the City Departments, City Council and Mayor. 

Contact 501-268-2483 for more information.