Jacob's Place Homeless Mission Searcy, AR

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Jacob's Place Homeless Mission
P O Box 1643
Searcy, AR
Phone: 501-380-8283
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"Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain." Psalms 127:1

How to Give

Jacob's Place is a homeless mission for families that has served over 70 families and 100 kids. Jacob's Place needs people, churches, companies, organizations and clubs to assist with financial needs. No gift is too small!

Call the office to give a One-Time gift or to get set up on a monthly or annual giving plan. Donations can be made by cash, check, electronic draft, and credit card. Online donations accepted via PayPal at www.jacobsplace.org. Checks can be sent to:

Jacob's Place Homeless Mission
P.O. Box 1643
Searcy, AR 72145
Visit the website for a list of needs or call 501-380-8283


To show compassion and offer hope in the Name of Jesus Christ by providing temporary housing for the homeless and assisting them to obtain physical and spiritual stability.

You may be homeless because of . . .

* Lost job and could not pay rent or mortgage

* Have job that does not pay the bills

* House burned down

* An accident occurred and it took months to recover

* Spouse left you and you have to pay bills on your individual income

* Recovering from an addiction and need to start a new life


Jacob's Place has a drug-free, monitored family oriented atmosphere. We help families, children and their parent(s), get back up on their feet after losing a home due to unfortunate events.

Jacob's Place has a ladder program designed to help families to rebuild their lives by having resources for:

* Getting a job

* Acquiring day care in vicinity

* Developing interview techniques

* Locating therapy, if needed

* Saving money for the day you will be on your feet again

* Counseling for Spiritual matters

* Locating educational opportunities


Jacob's Place offers . . .

* Bedrooms for families, child/children and their parent(s)

* Food which you fix yourself

* Some transportation

* Trained staff on duty 24 hours a day

* Family and home atmosphere


Length of stay depends upon how badly you want to become stable in your life.

Monday July 18 - BOD meeting - 5:15pm.  Facility TBD.