Pioneer Village Searcy, Arkansas

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Pioneer Village
1200 Higginson St.
Searcy, Arkansas
Phone: 501-278-5010
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Pioneer Village~A Recreated 1880's Settlement

In September 1967, Pioneer Village opened at the White County Fair Grounds, drawing some 3,000 visitors. The village was the result of a cooperative effort of the White County Fair Board, the White County Historical Society, and other interested individuals.  Their goal was to
recreate and preserve antiquities from the pioneer days.

It began with the donation of the 1870s Gordon log house,  and now houses a jail, the Little Red School, an old post office, a smokehouse, a barn, a blacksmith shop, and  an outdoor toilet.

It is presently located at 1200 Higginson Street, across the street from the City of Searcy Parks and Recreation Sports Complex.

A visit to Pioneer Village will allow you to step back into the way of life for people in the 1800's.

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by Raymond Lee Muncy; Harding Press; 1976